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Let’s put our collective energy to work to create the Québec of our dreams.

Take part in the consultation

Here’s our dream for Québec’s energy future.*

The green economy, sustainable mobility and responsible energy use drive our reflections and our actions.

See how the collective energy of our respondents matches up with our three key areas.


Transforming our economy to make it greener


Rethinking our mobility to make it more sustainable


Reimagining how we use energy

*Results are updated in real time and represent a portrait of respondents who took part in the consultation. They are not statistically representative of the population of Québec.

Where should we begin?

With inspiring ideas!

Discover some of the ideas proposed by Quebecers from across the province that could inspire the projects we’ll undertake together. Yours may be one of them!

The ideas may have been edited, revised and/or translated to fit the page.

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Green economy

Support the development of vertical farms that grow out-of-season fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Because electricity costs are lower in Québec, the farms would gain a competitive edge.

Jeff, Montréal

Responsible energy use

Encourage people to reduce their home’s outdoor (and indoor!) lighting. In addition to reducing consumption, it would help stop light pollution.

Mario, Lanaudière

Sustainable mobility

Development of Electric Vehicle charging stations with carsharing programs (ie. in partnership with Commonauto, Evo and/or Car-2-Go)

Ana Cristina, Montréal