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Collective Energy

Our collective dreams are taking shape.

All across Québec, we dreamed big.

In spring 2021, we asked Quebecers to imagine Québec’s energy future with us. Many thanks to all of you for sharing your dreams with us. Here are the main conclusions to come out of the consultation.

26,855 Quebecers participated in the consultation.

15,207 ideas emerged.

What matters the most to you?

Half of the participants said that, of the three key areas proposed, they would like Hydro‑Québec’s priority to be the transition to a green economy.

Our three key areas

Transforming our economy to make it greener.

We imagine a future in which our companies—even the biggest polluters—participate fully in the energy transition.

A future in which, throughout the year, we can enjoy fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers in Québec greenhouses.

Rethinking mobility to make it more sustainable.

In the near future, we will be able to drive anywhere in Québec in electric vehicles that can be charged through a network of ultra-fast charging stations.

Reimagining how we use energy.

We’ll live in smart homes that are designed to use electricity responsibly and to generate some of the energy we need.

Making our collective dreams come true

Now we know your dreams for Québec’s energy future. Our goal: make those dreams come true.

Find out about our approach.